Project NEIN

NEIN or Apinidotis is a posh punk gallery based in Greece.
A space for unlimited expression through art and clothing.
Second-hand clothing, hand-picked pieces by our stylist Niolas Leitner, rousing 90s’ music and energy.

A capsule wardrobe of sartorial finds and eclectic objects presented as a stylistic harassment. Using aesthetics as an awakening to redefine modern lifestyle. Internet is just a place to see, not the place to be. Fuck social media. See you in our physical space Ergatikis Protomagias 12, in Larissa.

Sustainability approach.
Our base line is taking good care of what we have, and reuse already owned materials to cover our space’s needs. Our clothes are well made and also in great quality to sustain in time and to always fit your needs.

*Posh punk is the ideology of complete awareness, respect for oneself and for others and open mind to the extreme, needing no one’s approval when expressing an opinion. One who follows that, always live life passionately under their own rules and terms. They are exotic by nature and their art is unmatched. They are the raddest and most trend setting artist on the planet.