How it works

So you’ve seen some nice fashion item in an Auction and want to own it? Good luck to you then.

Just place a bid on the item and you’ll see immediately if you are the highest bidder or if you’ve even met the starting price. As soon as the auction has ended, the highest bidder gets notified. When it’s not you, we’re incredibly sorry. But still, then it’s best to come by and see if we have some other stuff you might fancy.

Please note that a won bid doesn’t mean you already own it. It just means that you made a suggestion to us. The next step is that we email you all the information and we’ll agree on an in-store pickup and payment or sort out how we can send you the item.

In case of shipping, of course you’ll have to pay shipping costs on top of the bidding price. As soon as you tell us your address, we can name you the final amount including shipping costs.