This is Neon Boring. 

Hallo fellow screen junkies! 

I’m “crowdfunding”my self Vienna in Lindengasse no 60/4 where I run my Avant-Garde, Post-Punk creative crib.

No entrance fee needed. My performance as an artist is for free.

You gotta to pay for the shit ur gonna buy tho.

Unfortunately I had to go online to let u know, just in case someone is still interested to interact with products or  individuals the proper physical way  instead of immortalizing pics..

Seems that today art is another fashionable toy in order to cover ones superficial needs and obsolete mind.

I’m not going to decorate ones wall by order, but I will exhibit a mind that has no border..

You put a price on that, invest your money and brag to your surroundings.

If dat so:

Fuck art, fuck fashion, try to have some fun and most of all, don’t be boring!! 


your cult leader,

Herr X